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Symptoms by Stage

All data must be read in conjunction with the survey limitations.

The graph below plots the average symptom rating for each group of symptoms for the stage in the benzo journey. It is apparent form this that, for these respondents, all symptoms grouping are, on average, at their worst during the taper. And with the exception of Paradoxical Symptoms they are at their best before benzos were first taken.

The graph below plots the average symptoms rating at each point in the benzo journey and tracks it by symptom group. It is apparent from this that the Psychological and Paradoxical symptoms are the worst ones for the first fours stages in the journey; that is before benzos, at the start of the taper, during the taper and at the end of the taper. After that the muscular and neurological symptoms are the ones that are felt the worst.

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Last updated 21 July 2020