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Survey Numbers

As at the 21 June 2007, 346 people had responded to the surveys. This had grown to 894 by 31 December 2009.

The table and graphs below shows the number of respondents to each of the surveys, at each of the survey dates. The number of people answering each of the surveys has grown. Those answering the withdrawing and the withdrawn survey represent a bigger percentage of the total respondents than they did in 2007. Those answering the recovered and the staying on survey represent a smaller percentage than they did in 2007, whilst the proportion  twelve, twenty-four, and thirty-six months off but not well has remained much the same.


Number of Respondents to each Survey

  Survey 2  Dec 2009 Survey 1 June 2007
Survey Type No  % No  %
Withdrawing 415 46 129 37
Withdrawn 218 24 60 17
Recovered 98 11 67 19
12 months - not well 57 6 21 6
24 months - not well 21 2 10 3
36 months - not well 25 3 14 4
Staying on 60 7 45 13
Total 894   346  





1. The growth in numbers of respondents to these surveys has been good and I would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete one. Please continue to complete the surveys as you progress through the benzodiazepine journey, your contribution is invaluable.

2. I suspect the uneven growth in the survey numbers possibly reflects the nature of the internet support group from which most of the respondents come. The group tended to get a big influx of people seeking knowledge at the beginning of a taper, some would stay around for support while they tapered, the majority moved on after their taper was completed as they started to recover.




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Last updated 21 July 2020