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The Chemical Imbalance Myth

The Media and the Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression

There Are No "Chemical Imbalances" by Eaton T. Fores 

"Today’s patients, discontented, unhappy, fragmented and confused by an increasingly frantic, alienating and violent society, come to psychiatrists for help, only to have their illusions shored up by an increased dose of a technologic fix. They are told they have illnesses that are biologic and can be fixed, instead of being allowed to speak about their unhappiness, to speak about how difficult it is to be a human being, to speak about their suffering, because human beings have always suffered and always will. To believe that we can conquer depression, despair, anxiety with modern technology is the height of hubris and bad faith, a mere childish fantasy, unworthy of any thoughtful person who has their eyes open to human history and modern culture." - David Kaiser, M.D.  Northwestern University Hospital, Chicago, IL, Psychiatric Medications as Symptoms, February, 1997

"The Media and the Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression" Florida researchers have investigated the pharmaceutical / psychiatric claims of "chemical imbalance" as the cause of depression. The researchers examined media reports referring to this chemical imbalance theory and asked reporters for evidence supporting their claims. Responses were received from multiple sources, including practicing psychiatrists, clients, and a major pharmaceutical company. The evidence offered was not compelling, and some sources flatly stated the proposed theory of imbalance was known to be incorrect.  These Florida researchers discuss their earlier findings of "chemical imbalance" on the Tampa Bay's Fox 13, Kathy Fountain show: Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3.

The myth of the chemical cure. By Dr Joanna Moncrieff Mental health expert "Taking a pill to treat depression is widely believed to work by reversing a chemical imbalance. Scientific research has not detected any reliable abnormalities of the serotonin system in people who are depressed. Dr Joanna Moncrieff, of the department of mental health sciences at University College London, says they actually put people into "drug-induced states"."

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Last updated 22 July 2015