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About Benzos

Adrenal Fatigue and Benzo Withdrawal

The Benzo Trap by Matt Samet. An article " From Natural Solutions Magazine, September 2008". Note that the article mentions acupuncture as a withdrawal aid, the Yahoo Benzo Group does not make a general recommendation for acupuncture as some of its members have experienced withdrawal symptoms as a result of trying it.

Review of Behavioral Effects of Benzodiazepines By Dr Peter Breggin

Suppressing the Passion of Anxiety Overwhelm with Drugs By Dr Peter Breggin

Roche Information on Benzodaizepines

Ativan Insert 'Ativan (lorazepam) is indicated for the management of anxiety disorders or for the short-term relief of the symptoms of anxiety or anxiety associated with depressive symptoms. Anxiety or tension associated with the stress of everyday life usually does not require treatment with an anxiolytic.'

'In general, benzodiazepines should be prescribed for short periods only (e.g. 2- 4 weeks). Extension of the treatment period should not take place without reevaluation of the need for continued therapy. Continuous long-term use of product is not recommended. Withdrawal symptoms (e.g. rebound insomnia) can appear following cessation of recommended doses after as little as one week of therapy. Abrupt discontinuation of product should be avoided and a gradual dosage-tapering schedule followed after extended therapy.'

Roche - Valium Insert 'Valium is indicated for the management of anxiety disorders or the short term relief of the symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety or tension related to the stress of everyday life does not usually require treatment with an anxolyic'

Xanax Insert 'XANAX Tablets (alprazolam) are indicated for the management of anxiety disorder (a condition corresponding most closely to the APA Diagnostic and Statistical Manual [DSM-III-R] diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder)or the short-term relief of symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety or tension associated with the stress of everyday life usually does not require treatment with an anxiolytic.'

'Demonstrations of the effectiveness of XANAX by systematic clinical study are limited to four months duration for anxiety disorder and four to ten weeks duration for panic disorder.'

'Certain adverse clinical events, some life-threatening, are a direct consequence of physical dependence to XANAX. These include a spectrum of withdrawal symptoms; the most important is seizure (see DRUG ABUSE AND DEPENDENCE). Even after relatively short-term use at the doses recommended for the treatment of transient anxiety and anxiety disorder there is some risk of dependence.'

How benzos Work - Animated demonstration

Benzodiazepine Warning to Doctors  


Doctors are being reminded that benzodiazepines should only be prescribed for short-term treatment, in light of continued reports about problems with long-term use.

Clear guidance for appropriate use was published in 1988 by the Committee on Safety in Medicines (CSM), which recommended Benzodiazepine should be prescribed for:


just two to four weeks for relief of severe or disabling anxiety that is subjecting the patient to unacceptable distress; and


severe or disabling insomnia in patients who are extremely distressed.

They should not be prescribed for the treatment of mild anxiety, according to the CSM.'

Protracted Tinnitus after Discontinuation

Committee on Safety of Medicines - Benzodiazepines, Dependence and Withdrawal

How long are Benzos Detectable After Cessation?

The Role of GABA, GABA receptors and GABA supplements in withdrawal.

Disclaimer:  The information contained in this website was not compiled by a doctor or anyone with medical training. The advice contained herein should not be substituted for the advice of a physician who is well-informed in the subject matter discussed. Before making any decisions about your health or treatment you should always confer with your physician and it is always assumed that you will do so.

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Last updated 21 July 2020