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Although I do not post here of late, I regularly read messages.  It continues to give me strength to do so. I was cold turkey’ed in 7 days from benzos in a locked psych unit in March 2005. I went to a rehab for 28 days after that.  I was racked with panic, anxiety, was constantly crying, experienced intense muscle spasms, blurred vision, tingling in my arms and legs, muscle weakness, feeling like I was walking "on the moon" and way too much more.  I did not have this group to help me ‘reality test’ what I was going through then.  The staff and patients at the rehab thought that I was complaining in an effort to seek attention, making up my symptoms and crazy.  After I left the rehab, I checked myself in another psych unit.  I did not know what else to do at the time. I honestly thought that I was having a psychotic break.  Why else would I have been experiencing such strange and horrific symptoms?

About 6 or 7 months ago, I found this site. While my withdrawal symptoms were all just about gone by then, it was enormously helpful to finally know that what I was living through was a result of stopping benzos.  I basically knew that by the time I came "here" - however to read about others and hear from the moderators and read their posts to others was and still is such a confirmation to me.

In 2002, I went to my first rehab.  They withdrew me from benzos and opiates in 16 days.  When I left, I was equally as nuts as I was 2 years ago. And needless to say, I had no clue as to why. I did not know I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms! And neither did my husband. And so, my husband asked me for a divorce and told me not to return to the company I had begun and grew and ran with him. I was simply too weak to stand up to him. I began taking benzos again because I thought that I could not possibly live without them.  I thought that I had some type of permanent damage from benzo use and abuse and that I must have, at the very least, had a severe anxiety disorder.

I am not writing this with self pity, not at all, because now, I DO KNOW. And most of all, I am okay.  Yes, I feel low at times.  But I am clear and not particularly anxious.  I do not need to take drugs anymore! I am not living in withdrawal anymore.  Nor do I need to take benzos. I do attend AA and it helps me.  I get to live life and I have yet another chance. Two years ago I wanted to die. I am blessed and I am one lucky camper.  

Thank goodness for this site. There is a way out and here people can find out about it. There is hope.  Thank you to everyone - those who are willing to share their pain - as well as those able to share their experience!

In loving kindness,




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Last updated 21 July 2020