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I cold turkeyed last October off benzos.

I temporarily quit  work and went to stay with my parents for awhile. They not knowing much about benzos and thinking I was an addict paid for me to go to rehab in CA. It was miserable and did not help at all.

They did not know a thing about the extreme withdrawal symptoms of benzos. When I got there they confiscated my cell phone and everything else. They treated me as though I was an alcoholic or someone that had been abusing street drugs. I choose to go there while many were drug addicts who had been court ordered to go.

You sit through 12 step programs  all day and go to AA meetings every night. Yes,  every night and I don't even drink.

While most everyone there were feeling better after a week or two I was in  extreme benzo withdrawal the whole time confined in a building not allowed to leave unless they approved for  an entire month. 

So from someone who has been there, NO rehab does not help. It will cause you to feel worse, not to mention cost you a lot of money. 

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Last updated 21 July 2020