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Functionality Trends

All data must be read in conjunction with the survey limitations

The graph below shows the average functionality of respondents at each stage in the benzo journey. Before staring benzodiazepines respondents reported that they were able to be involved in about 7 of the listed activities with ease. At the time they decided to withdraw this had fallen to 4 activities and at the worst point in withdrawal this fell again to 2 activities. After that point the number activities that could be completed with ease began to increase. Those who were 36 months off, but still not well, were able to participate in 5 of the activities with ease. Those who had decided to remain on benzodiazepines were able to participate in around six of the activities with ease.

Below we can see the percentage of respondents who were able to participate in the various activities, averages over all the stages of the benzo journey. It shows that self care is the activity that was affected the least by withdrawal and recovery, with around 80% of respondents being able to self care with ease no matter what point in the benzo journey they were. Socializing and working were the activities that were affected the most, only around 30% of respondents were able to socialize or work with ease throughout the benzo journey.



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Last updated 21 July 2020