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Hello all,

I come today after almost a year (more or less) of not posting ... figured
it was about time.

I don't know how to start...

Most of you probably don't remember me... Anyway, what is important is that I am 99.99% recovered, I say 99.99% because who is to say what is 'normal'??? :-)

How do I feel... great... like before or better. Lots of energy... sometimes more than I can handle... but, all in all, I can't complain, life got better.

These meds wrecked my life, but I am on the other end now... there is no need
to look at things past (wife and I separated, almost lost job, insanity/hell
for a loooong time and horrible symptoms, I would say close to 24 months).

How do I feel now? Much much much better... can do all the things I did
before... with a bit of a better perspective of life itself.

What helped...? .....time...

What did not help? Adding supplements, vitamins, weird foods/sugar...
caffeine... smoking... gawd... smoking was the worse... but, in the end, I
guess if I made it through after going cold turkey (Klonopin) and then
reinstating haphazardly... then I guess you can too... people do heal sooner or

There is hope... can't say much anymore. There is hope...
Take care friends... I am really appreciative of the help I received here...

Love and compassion to each and everyone of you...

Prompt healing to everyone here,


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Last updated 21 July 2020