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Poem by Dave


Long ago xanax worked like a charm,
And you took an oath to first do no harm

My sleep is way off, my neck is too tight,
I wake with a toss in a god awful fright

My clock is too loud and light is too bright,
Maybe dark glasses I'll sport tonight

I try and try, but try as I might,
Something dear doc just does not feel right

It hurts when I walk, it hurts when I think,
A bottle looks good and the thought of a drink

Time between doses is long, so it seems,
I know I'm awake but I feel like my dreams

My arms feel hot burning and red,
Is there a problem with my old med?

It's not the drug the doctor said,
All those symptoms are just in your head

I said but doc how could that be,
So many others are just like me

I'll double your dose and you will be fine,
Don't need a patient that is starting to whine

You need it for life you said as to boast,
I latter found out a few weeks at most

Dave August 4th 2006

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Last updated 21 July 2020