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Poem by Denise

New Year's Eve

May '07 bring us hope,

 that we will find new ways to cope,

 without the drugs, without the pills,

 without the endless doctor bills.

 Our muscle pain, our ringing ears,

 our sleepless nights, our many fears,

 will some day soon begin to fade,

 and we'll look back on progress made.

 We'll laugh again and dance some, too,

 It will be nice to feel brand new.

 We've come so far, '06 is done,

 This time next year we'll say, "We've won!"

 I cannot drink champagne or wine,

 partake of anything divine,

 So here's to you my benzo group,

 I toast my glass of chicken soup.

 Happy New Year Benzo Buddies!

 2007 is OUR year!

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Last updated 21 July 2020