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Poems By Andrea

As I opened my mind

As I opened my mind
 With a key that's not mine
 I wondered if I could paper over the
 As I strolled down the halls
 And bounced off the walls
 I learnt to transcend the trivia
 The kitchen was clean
The oxymoron's had been
 Introverted extroverts the lot of 'em
 Paranoia was at the docs
 Getting five thousand shocks
 I had to remember to forget
 As I thought outside the box
 Someone changed all the locks
Damn, some days I like the sharp corners
My get up and go
 Has got up and gone
 And the last I heard it was living it
up in Ibiza
 I didn't loose my mind
 It just fell a bit behind
 And kicked a ball about for a bit
 If you go opening doors
 With key's that aren't yours
 You really should call out a locksmith

Andea  (2007)

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Last updated 21 July 2020