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Poems By Saundra

The Key to Life

What Do You Do

The Journey

Gold Fish

Days go By


The Key to Life

 I thought I found the key to life
I thought I found what would make me well
never felt so good before
now its putting me thru hell
how could something so sweet
turn on me and hurt me so
all I wanted was to feel complete
now I feel like its stolen my soul
late at night I wonder why
late at night my tears I cry
for once I felt together as one
but now I am crumbled on the bathroom floor
gotta find the tracks to take me back
there is no help, there is no cure
left alone to find my way

Saundra  11/07

What Do You Do

what do you do when its warm outside

but you feel cold?

what do you do when the world wants to laugh

and all you can do is cry?

what do you do when you baby needs a touch her,

but you feel nothing?

what do you do when a friend calls on the phone

but you cant pick up?

what do you do when you would swear there are ants crawling on you ,

but nothing is there?

Ill tell you what to do


fight like you have never fought before.

believe in yourself.

You are a unique person, deserving of happiness .

You can,I can, we can climb this mountain that binds us

We will become better people from this.


The Journey

it started out so simple.
take a pill and feel better.
it worked great for awhile.
everything seemed to come together
days, months go bye.
feeling a little bit strange.
start to wonder why?
stress starts invading my perfect day.
how could this be?
oh please go away!
A light bulb moment appears.
lets research online.
its happening to me, my greatest fear!
that wonderful pill isn't wonderful at all!
its playing games with my head!
confused and outraged, the doctor I call.
he is no help. he doesn't know what to do.
I go back online and find many others like me.
they open there arms and say we can help you.
I learn many tricks to this terrible plight.
go slow and be careful.
its important to do it right.
my journey is far from the end
but with endurance and the help of my new friends
I can find my way back to a healthier way
work hard and be strong
and things will get better, day by day.

Gold Fish

every day I think about a million things
its like I have gold fish swimming in my head
I try to understand the meaning of my ways
but have really found no reason at all
I wish the rest of me went as fast as my brain
I think I would run in a marathon
I cant figure out life. I hope it figures out me
I have to except the things I can not change
or at least that's what it says in all the books
so with everything said and nothing to loose
life will be what will be
cant spend to much time trying to figure it out
gotta let those sleeping dogs sleep
today I let you in on the ways of my world
don't try to understand what I've been trying to say
I wouldn't want the gold fish swimming in your head

Days go By

days go by
one by one
I count them
the only thing that can make me whole again
the days will turn to months
I will heal
in time


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Last updated 21 July 2020