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Randyís Story Ė One Year Off

So here I am one year off Ativan. I'll try to not bore anyone with my whole story, so here are some of the "highlights". Keep in mind that this all started because I went to a highly recommended Psych doc because I had a moderate anxiety problem and some work related stress. I was completely functional and had a great life that was until I trusted a doctor who destroyed my life with benzodiazepine and a cocktail of other drugs that I have listed below.

The 19 drugs given to me, most of them within a 12 month period-

Cymbalta- Did not take
Depakote- Refused to take
Pexeva- which is like Paxil
Seroquel- Refused to take

I took Ativan for 10 months; I was taking 3mg's when I began tapering off the drug. At the same time, with my doctors supervision, I also c/t off of Buspar, which I had been taking for 7 months, and c/t off of Remeron, which I had been taking for 2 weeks. Within a week or two, I couldn't work anymore.

I did completely cross over to valium from the Ativan. When I got down to the last 5 mg of Valium about 8 weeks into my taper, my doc told me I could stop taking it completely and I did, because he said, and I quote, "five milligrams is nothing". What an incompetent moron!

Here is a summery of what the "professional psychiatric treatment" (Drugs) I received did for my moderate anxiety problem-

Physiological symptoms-in order of severity

Excruciating depression
Debilitating anxiety
Severe Agoraphobia
Confusion-Inability to comprehend the simplest things
Complete dysfunction- not showering or brushing teeth etc.
Psychotic symptoms- acting insane, thought I was going mad
Agitation- constant need to throw things, damaged ceilings/floors
Nightmares- waking in a horrific surreal state of mind
Screaming/obscenities- just ask the police who came to my house
Repeating words and responses to questions, ok, ok, ok, ok, okÖ
Emotional blunting-completely dead of any emotions, no feelings
Outbursts of rage and aggression - holes in the walls to prove it
Fear - Feelings of death and impending doom
Suicidal feelings - constantly begged God and wife to kill me
Intrusive thoughts - including many episodes of blasphemy
Obsessive thoughts - Thinking you have some awful disease
Loss of faith/joy - I loved to study theology.
Loss of memory Etc.

Physical symptoms- in order of severity

Severe insomnia- more than 8 months with virtually no sleep
Extreme fatigue/exhaustion
Joint aches and pains - constant for the last 6 months
Muscles - wasting, aches and pains
Extreme weakness - small objects felt extremely heavy
Urinary problems- had Cystoscopy, CT scan - nothing found
Bowel problems- had Colonoscopy - nothing found
Epididymis lumps/pain- 2 Ultrasounds and MRI- nothing found
Abdominal pain - lower left
Shoulder aches and pains
Rapid weight loss, about 75 lbs.
Face numbness, tingling - from anxiety
Hypersensitivity to being touched, sight, smell, and sound.
Heavy feeling on body, like someone was pushing me down
Edema - swelling in feet, ankles and legs
Lack of sebum from oil glands- dry fingers/hands and eyes
Skin problems - numbness, tingling, dry, burning
Dry mouth - excessive thirst
Tension headaches
Blurred vision, seeing spots, flashes, glassy eyes
Loss of taste, especially salt
Dental pain - teeth feel strange
Bradycardia (slow heartbeat/pulse)

Other interesting highlights

I spent 13 days going to a mental hospital as an outpatient, because my "expert" doctor with his 40 years of experience just couldn't understand why I was having so much trouble rapidly tapering off the benzo's. The doctor at the Psych hospital suggested I should get Electro Shock Therapy. I almost did it because I thought I needed it. God, where would I be now if I did that.

I lost my job in February after 6 months of disability. After that, I couldn't take the stress anymore so I went on an alcohol binge, then a sleeping pill binge, then a benzo binge and finally I went on a gambling binge which empted my savings account.

If that's not bad enough, during my alcohol binge, I fell down and smashed my face, which broke my nose. I think I had a concussion because I was extremely dizzy for several weeks after the fall, which is why I ran my truck into a ditch on the way to the casino. My truck was totaled and I bruised some ribs. Itís amazing I survived all of that, but here I am.

Ok, so how am I today?

I have made remarkable progress from the darkest days of this hellish nightmare for sure, even through I thought I never would. No one thinks I am crazy anymore. No more severe physiological symptoms or insomnia. I will never take sleep for granted again, or anything else for that matter.

I still have a lot of the issues that I listed above, but generally speaking, most of them have gotten much better. A few of the things that bother me the most now are -

Mild to moderate agoraphobia
Constant joint aches and pains - starting to improve
Increased Anxiety/stress - that's easy to understand
Mild depression - mostly discouragement/ feelings of hopelessness
Urinary problems
Edema- that comes and goes.
Lack of sebum /oil-fingers and hands waterlog almost instantly
Mild to moderate fatigue - little energy
Mild weakness
Overeating - gained back 85 lbs
Re-establishing my faith/joy - I miss that so much
Rebuilding my life - what a horrible mess! Deeply in debt.
Bitterness and anger

I still haven't been able to return to work, still a bit dysfunctional, but I hope that will change soon. It's sad because I am not sure if I will be able to return to my old company of 21 years, because my job was very stressful and I don't know if I can handle that anymore. I don't know what I am going to do.

I just try to focus on one day at a time, it's just so easy to get overwhelmed with everything that's happened. It's hard not to look back at all I have lost, its so discouraging. This whole ordeal has left me very bitter, especially at the doctor who did this to me. I am trying to forgive, but that hasnít been an easy thing to do.

Thank you for listening, and thanks to the owners and moderators of this group. It has been a wonderful help in my recovery. I've learned a lot about benzodiazepine the hard way.

My favorite inspirational quote:

"Do not rejoice over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will stand up; though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light." - Micah (Micah 7:8 )

My favorite ignorant Doc quote, after many months with no sleep-

"Benzodiazepine withdrawal doesn't cause insomnia, your not sleeping because your anxious"

My favorite benzo cartoon, only if you can laugh again:


Randy - one year off Ativan

Randy -15.5 months of Ativan

Yes, at 15 months off I still have issues. But no, itís nothing close to the suffering I had before.

All of the severe psychological symptoms have completely gone away. I do still have increased anxiety, but nothing too horrible. Although my face still gets numb and tingly almost instantly at any stress, I don't have anything remotely close to panic attacks at all. (So much for the official diagnoses of Panic Disorder!)

I do find that I am much more sensitive than normal. It doesn't take too many pokes to get me very angry, very quickly. It's my personal version of the incredible hulk, only I am turning red, not green.

My poor wife and I hope that gets better real soon, as she has to walk on egg shells around me. I am a bit of a walking time bomb now a days. As in, nice guy, nice guy, nice guy, nice guy, BOOM!

Although to be honest, that scenario isn't exactly new for me, but there used to be a whole lot more nice guy ticks before the explosion.

My cognitive skills have retuned, but not 100%. I would say it varies between 70-90% depending on the day you ask me. As of right now, I feel my concentration is about 80% of what it used to be.

Overall my mind has healed quite dramatically compared to where I was maybe just 6 to 8 months ago, and when you consider that just 12 months ago I was very close to being committed 24/7, I am not complaining.

One of the biggest things I want to emphasize is that I now have ZERO depression, even with my life turned upside down, still NO depression at all. (So much for my official diagnoses of Major Depressive Disorder!)

I know I've said this several times before, but I just want everyone to see that the severe depression was from the drug, not just from my increasingly bad circumstances. I didn't recognize that at the time, and I doubt many others will either, at least while their so horribly depressed.

I am also still sleeping well, after enduring about 9 months of virtually no sleep, it went away in a snap. Also no more agoraphobia!

Basically as far as the overall mental picture goes, I act just about completely normal once again. And I now have an entirely new appreciation for just about everything in my life, which is why I try to enjoy every single day now, regardless of the mess I am still in. Thank you Jesus!

And as far as all the physical problems, most of them have remarkably improved as well, with a few exceptions. I still have urinary and bladder issues, and fading epididymis pain. (Thatís a guy thing).

I still have the same annoying problem with extremely dry fingers, which water log almost instantly, along with dry hands, eyes and skin.

I do have an ever "growing" (pun intended) issue with gaining far ,far, too much weight. I also still seem to have issues with water retention, and the swelling in my feet and ankles, which comes and goes.

But, I am very happy to say that the extreme joint pain and stiffness has greatly improved! Now it's confined mostly to my hips, but even that appears to be getting better.

Although I am still not very nimble, but now I think it's more from the additional weight, rather than my joints. Also, the extreme weakness and constant fatigue is pretty much history too.

But, even with all my remarkable progress, I am still not working yet. That is mainly because I don't know if I can handle the stress of my old job again. I may have to soon end up making half the money somewhere else that's not so stressful. Who knows, maybe that will be actually worth it?

However, I do feel that a good number of the things that would have normally stressed me out before this experience may now actually seem a bit trivial.

That's because I feel like I have earned a Masters Degree in life experience by surviving a crash course in "Hell on earth-101, via Benzodiazepine"

I think I earned a 4.0 GPA in suffering, but I am too afraid to inquire about it, maybe Satan can send me my grades from hell.

Randy-15.5 months of Ativan


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Last updated 21 July 2020