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I wanted to share this story with you, about what happened to me 20 years ago and the reason for the prescribed Ativan.  I am probably older than anyone in our group, 70, and I am quite concerned as you well know about whether I will recover enough to actually feel better again.  I have grown children and the oldest grandchild is a Jr. in College. 

In l984, I was having big time problems with fibroids, had to have surgery after conservative treatment did not work, and had to have blood transfusions. As you know, with a complete hysterectomy, hormones were gone.  On top of this I heard from the Government that the blood that I received might contain the AIDS virus.   I am certain most of the people remember that scare, when AIDS first appeared here in the USA.  After many tests run by the Government, Thank God, the blood I had received did not contain the virus. 

During that time, the doctor I went to put me on Ativan, never telling me what could happen, of course. Anyway, during those years I have had the BEST IN TOWN - Endocrine, Internist, Gastro Specialist. Not one of them told me... 

Then came Dec., 2002, and my Gastro Specialist told me I would have to go off of Ativan because there was nothing more we could do to help the gastro system.  He said the Ativan was working against me.  I was on l mg. of Ativan for the whole 20 years.  I knew nothing about w/d from this additive medication.  He told me it was a great time to undertake this - the Holidays; I wouldn't feel good for about 2 or 3 weeks.  I would feel so much better after that time.  He did know the truth that it was a Bad Pill, but other than that, knew nothing about w/d. 

Within a week of taper, he had me go l/2 pill. I was really sick - hallucinations and the many other things. He got nervous and put me back up, and I couldn't tolerate that. I became sicker with tolerance. I cut down I got more tolerance. Anyway, my Internist who was involved in all this knew nothing about withdrawal.  Her favorite saying was "You are on too small of a dose to be in withdrawal". 

My blood pressure soared. I am now on 5 pills for that.  The latter part of Oct. 2004, I was really in bad shape. My Internist had to retire because she became afflicted with ALS.  The new Internist at least knew a little something about withdrawal.  My BP went sky high again and since I have taken notes from day one, I reviewed them and found that each time I tapered the BP would come down, and when they were fooling around trying to raise and decrease my BP went up.   

I brought this to the attention of my new Internist and he said I must taper completely, which I did last Nov. 22.  Mind you, I was sent to the TOP NOTCH Psychiatrist in our town. He didn't know much about withdrawal, but told me on the last visit when I told him my Internist had informed me that I was in withdrawal and it would take awhile for the neurotransmitters, etc. to get better.  I could see he got upset and threw out “protracted symptoms" to me. I explained that I just had made the final taper in Nov. He told me there was nothing more he could do for me and sent me to a Psychologist, who knew NOTHING about Benzo withdrawal. 

If I have to go to a large Clinic or whatever, I am still trying to find somebody who can help me through this.  Debra, you and the group have helped me a great deal and I keep Plugging Along, hoping to see the day I will feel better.  My husband is a great support to me; we have been married 5l years.  You can see that I am old enough to be Mother/Grandmother to many in our group.  I pray that I can reach a point in my recovery to at least feel better for whatever remaining years I may have on this Earth.  I have some good windows and bad days like the last few, but move forward with all the encouragement I read from the group.   

I realize Professor Ashton states in her manual, that she has had older people in her study who have come along real well, I hope I am one of them. 

Blessings to you.



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Last updated 21 July 2020